Take Home
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     Capers Café & Take Home is a unique food service business in Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood. Capers combines the convenience of premade meals with the quality of a chef-owned restaurant.

     There's no need to pre-order, and there’s no minimum purchase. Every day we make fresh salads, soups, single-serving dinners, desserts and frozen entrees and package them in microwavable, recyclable containers. All you need to do pick up your food and reheat it at home (frozen meals require oven baking). And for your convenience we offer a selection of fine wines and beverages at retail prices.

      We also offer catering for large or small groups, from boxed lunches and family-sized salads to full menus designed to impress guests who know good food.

Open Monday-Friday 10 AM to 7 PM. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.